Announcement LA

Doomsday Launch Party – FREE EVENT!

The time is finally here! Our awesome friend CJ Carr's hard work has paid off and he releasing his independent iOS app "Doomsday Craft" this Thursday! I know many of you do not reside in LA and can't make it to the party - but please check out the app on iTunes!

Join us as we celebrate the launch of Doomsday Craft on iOS, at Announcement LA. Enjoy free drinks & food, play, win prizes! 

About the game:
In Doomsday Craft, you jump into a variety of vehicles and try to outrun the apocalypse. See how long you can outrun the end of days. 

Mine obstacles for 'Ore' while trying to survive as long as possible. Use the 'Ore' to upgrade your vehicle or buy new vehicles in between turns.

Each vehicle has unique capabilities and retro music. Try to collect them all.

Feel free to bring friends! We hope to see you there!

Thanks to local pizza favorite, Purgatory Pizza for sponsoring the event!