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Margot Leitman is a comedian, writer, teacher, best-selling author, Moth Grandslam Champ and a regular at UCB. You can also add being a professional storyteller on that list! Her latest book is called "Long Story Short: The Only Storytelling Guide You'll Ever Need". It has gotten praise from folks like Matt Besser, Elna Baker, Rob Delaney and Dan Kennedy.

For this workshop, each student should leave class with a basic concept of how to make painful, strange, or even mundane life experiences funny. The students will learn to dig inside their own lives to find humorous, relatable material, which unifies an audience, making them laugh at their own experiences through the student’s performance. Students will leave class with a strong direction of how to structure a story for comedic purposes. Additional focus will be on getting through the fear of being judged for our honesty.

Keep in mind that you don't have to be a writer or go on stage as a professional storyteller to take this workshop. Have you ever been on a job interview? Gone on a first date? Talked to a stranger at a party? If you answered yes, then you should sign up to get the skills you need to tell a memorable story.

Bonus: Each student will receive a copy of "Long Story Short"! 

Check out her website for more info on her upcoming classes and performances. Follow her on Instagram to see how her book tour is going!